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Enhanced Interactions' Digital Equity Program is committed to creating equitable opportunities in technology through partnerships.

It aims to provide accessible pathways to high-paying tech careers, particularly for young adults from unserved and underserved communities. The program takes into consideration the entire digital equity, addressing fundamental needs like internet access, device usage, and basic digital literacy, while also tackling systemic issues through higher-level investments. Given this consideration, Enhanced Interactions has chosen its initial investment to be where they believe the needs are greatest as far as solutions in the Digital Equity Ecosystem - providing digital skills training needed for high-paying tech roles, ensuring a comprehensive solution that addresses both entry-level engagement and advanced skill development to combat systemic barriers like racism, sexism and other systems of oppression.

Enhanced Interactions’ Digital Literacy Initiative is a strategic investment aimed at equipping young adults from unserved and underserved communities with the necessary digital skills to secure high-paying tech careers.

This initiative is a key part of their commitment to digital equity, addressing both the fundamental digital needs and the systemic barriers that impede access to technology. Through this investment, Enhanced Interactions intends to provide a structured progression from basic digital literacy to the advanced competencies required in the digital economy, embedding Pro-Equity Anti-Racism principles to ensure equitable participation and opportunities for generational wealth creation.

The program also advocates for systemic change by investing in solutions that elevate participants from basic digital literacy to advanced tech competencies.

This transformational approach is designed not just to bridge the digital divide but to dismantle it, enabling participants to navigate, contribute to, and ultimately lead in an increasingly digital world. Through this initiative, Enhanced Interactions envisions a tech ecosystem that goes representation to equitable participation in the digital economy and the creation of generational wealth.

Digital Equity Program

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Enhanced Interactions’ Digital Literacy Maturity Model that includes preparation for participation in the digital economy and high-tech careers:


Foundational Stage

  • Developing an understanding of basic digital tools and their uses.

  • Gaining awareness of the internet as a platform for global connectivity.

  • Recognizing the digital economy and its impact on career opportunities.


Emerging Stage

  • Acquiring essential skills for operating digital devices and software.

  • Exploring online resources for learning and personal development.

  • Beginning to understand the role of digital skills in various career paths, including tech sectors.


Intermediate Stage

  • Enhancing digital skills for effective communication and collaboration online.

  • Evaluating and utilizing digital resources for educational and professional advancement.

  • Engaging with digital platforms that offer insights into tech careers and economic trends.


Advanced Stage

  • Mastering digital tools to create, manage, and distribute content.

  • Establishing a professional digital presence and network that aligns with career goals.

  • Preparing for high-tech careers through specialized online training and certifications.


Expert Stage

  • Leading digital innovation and contributing to the evolution of the digital economy.

  • Pioneering in high-tech sectors by leveraging advanced digital skills.

  • Mentoring others and fostering a community that supports continuous learning and growth in the digital realm.

How Enhanced Interactions’ Digital Literacy Maturity Model can be expressed to align with the principles of Pro-Equity Anti-Racism Principals

Digital Literacy Maturity Model

Foundational Stage

This initial phase is about democratizing knowledge, ensuring individuals from unserved and underserved communities develop an understanding of basic digital tools and the internet. It's about laying an equitable foundation, recognizing that access to and comprehension of the digital realm is as essential as other fundamental services, and setting the stage for participation in the global digital economy.

Emerging Stage

 In the emerging stage, individuals start to bridge the digital divide by acquiring the necessary skills to operate digital devices and software. It's an exploration of the digital landscape with an equity lens, ensuring that pathways for learning and personal development are accessible to all, opening doors to opportunities in tech sectors and beyond.

Intermediate Stage

As individuals enhance their digital skills for effective online communication and collaboration, they navigate and leverage digital resources for educational and career progression. This stage emphasizes equitable access to information and platforms that can lead to economic empowerment and an understanding of tech industry trends.

Advanced Stage

Mastery of digital tools in the advanced stage equips individuals to generate and distribute content, establish a professional digital presence, and align their online network with their career aspirations. It's a commitment to preparing for high-tech careers through specialized training, with an emphasis on inclusive opportunities for certification and skill development.

Expert Stage

At the pinnacle, individuals lead in digital innovation and contribute significantly to the digital economy. This expert stage is about transforming participants into pioneers and mentors in high-tech sectors, advocating for continuous learning and growth. It reflects a commitment to fostering a community where Pro-Equity Anti-Racism is practiced by facilitating knowledge transfer and supporting the growth of others in the digital space.

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