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Empowering Change Through Pro-Equity Anti-Racism

Leading the Movement for
Racial Equity and Social Justice


About Us

Pioneering Leaders in Equity

Enhanced Interactions is a pioneering leader in the movement toward racial equity and social justice. Through our groundbreaking Pro-Equity Anti-Racism (PEAR) approach, we are dedicated to co-creating a world where equity is a tangible reality.

We collaborate closely with our clients, tailoring innovative solutions that empower individuals, leaders, and organizations to embrace Pro-Equity principles and drive meaningful change.

Our Approach

Lasting Change

Enhanced Interactions operates at the intersection of education, advocacy, and activism. Our three distinct lines of business enable us to holistically tackle racial inequity: Coaching, Consulting, and Maptivism. Our expert coaches guide individuals, leaders, and organizations through transformative journeys, fostering Pro-Equity Anti-Racism mindsets. Our consulting services assist clients in assessing their organizational structures and designing strategies for lasting change. Maptivism harnesses geospatial data and activism to target resources where they are most needed, paving the way for sustainable change.

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Our Services

Transformative Solutions

Our Big Vision

Pro-Equity Anti-Racism Approach

Our goal is to eradicate racism and all systems of oppression Pro-Equity Anti-Racism – a concept that purposefully begins with a Pro-Equity effort to end all systems of oppression, the upstream root cause of inequities, intentionally ensuring an Intersectionality approach leading through the lens of Anti-Racism.

Cultural Shift

Our efforts aim to foster a cultural shift that permeates every corner of society. By nurturing Pro-Equity Anti-Racism mindsets, we envision a future where empathy, understanding, and respect are the guiding principles that shape interactions and decisions.

Global Collaboration

Our vision extends beyond borders, uniting individuals, organizations, and communities worldwide in a collective pursuit of racial equity and social justice. We aim to facilitate cross-cultural collaboration and knowledge-sharing to accelerate progress.

Education and Empowerment

We envision a world where our coaching and consulting efforts have empowered countless individuals and leaders to become agents of change within their spheres of influence.

Systemic Change

We envision a world where systemic racism and inequity are dismantled at their core.

Our work will lead to the establishment of just, socially just, and equitable systems across industries, ensuring that structural barriers no longer hinder progress.

Pro-Equity in Action

Through our Maptivism initiative, we co-create the ability for organizations to understand and invest where the needs are greatest, in the people and places where the needs are greatest to operationalize and drive equity through Pro-Equity actions and outcomes.

Sustainable Impact

We are committed to creating sustainable impact that endures for generations. Our vision involves inspiring a ripple effect of change, where the principles of Pro-Equity Anti-Racism are deeply ingrained and perpetuated over time.

Thought Leadership

Enhanced Interactions will continue to be at the forefront of thought leadership in the realms of racial equity, social justice, and belonging.

Shaping a Just Future

Realizing Impact

Milestones and Accomplishments

Development of PEARadigm™ Approach

We have pioneered the Pro-Equity Anti-Racism approach, an innovative framework that has garnered attention and recognition for its effectiveness in fostering tangible change.

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