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Life Coaching

Private Life Coaching | Seminars & Workshops | Telecourses

Finding happiness and living with purpose takes courage, work, dedication, and a willingness to be completely honest during self-examination and introspection.  It is equally important to have patients during this exploration because change will not happen overnight. After all it took a lot of years to get to this place where you are today.


Understandably, it can be very unsettling to step outside of your comfort zone and begin challenging old beliefs and norms that have become a part of the skills that help to survive the challenges of daily living.  However, it is on the outside of your comfort zone, in the realm of uncertainty that endless possibility exists. It is here that we can find the greatest potential to rediscover the motivations to create the reality that is a manifestation of our deepest desires, wants and needs.

Transformation is possible, but it requires acceptance of who you were yesterday and who you are today to uncover a genuine love of yourself in this current state of being.  Interestingly, complete and unconditional acceptance of yourself diminishes the need to be critical of others. This level of acceptance, honesty and openness lends itself to more meaningful interpersonal, personal and professional relationships.

Coaching Method

As your coach, I will serve as a guide as you begin to reach a higher level of self-awareness and enlightenment while gaining a greater appreciation for the gifts that you have to offer to the world.  During our coaching session it will become evident the level of respect that I have for the knowledge and self-awareness that you have already achieved through previous life experiences. However, I will hold you accountable in a way that will challenge you to do the work and discover your essence that is a key consideration in living a life filled with passion, purpose, meaning, and love.  In addition, you will be provided practices and coaching to ensure that your transformation is sustainable.


Privacy and Confidentiality

During sessions and throughout the coaching relationship you can be assured that the highest level of confidentiality and ethical standards will be maintained.  These are standards that I hold myself to both as a professional and a human being. It has been my experience that conducting my coaching relationships in this manner has allowed my clients to experience the greatest rewards in developing an open an honest relationship with themselves.


I coach clients once a week for one hour each time.   You are welcome to call in between scheduled appointments for brief coaching input.  Every three months or so there is a month with a fifth week in it. Those weeks are vacation time for me.  I take that week off to recharge.​

Each week you will be given practices, actions to take to mover your project areas forward. They will be given each week, and they will be asked about at the following week’s session.

At the time that you start coaching, I ask that you pay the first and last month’s fee.  In doing so, you will have four sessions to work with your Survival Mechanism and get back to full capacity in functioning. Also, when you decide that you want to complete coaching, we will have a month to set you up to be successful at whatever is next for you.


Cancellation Policy

The cancellation of an appointment must occur 24 hours before the session is scheduled appointment is to begin or you will be charged the cost of a full session.


Special Offer

If you are on the fence and not sure if coaching is for you for this month I am offering a free complimentary session.   Give me a call ad make your appointment today!

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