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Meet Calvin!


“Coaching is an experience in which people continually expand their capacity to create realities where new and expansive patterns of thinking are nurtured and aspirations are set free”.

- Calvin G. Rivers, CEO

Calvin G. Rivers
Executive and Leadership Coach, Facilitator, Consultant
Public and Private Sector

As a mental health and business professional Calvin brings over 25 plus years of academic, corporate, and practical life experience into coaching.  An undergraduate degree in Marketing and advanced degrees in both Psychology and Business Administration coupled with practical work experience in Human Resources has provided Calvin the laboratory to gain a thorough understanding of human behavior, performance, and coaching.  As a Human Resources professional Calvin has been able to extend his expertise in the fields of Organizational Development, Leadership Development as well as Performance Management.


While working for a managed care company for Medical Assistance recipients in the State of Pennsylvania, Calvin became the first supervisor to work in both Adolescent/Children and Adult Services.  Calvin quickly became inspired to achieve his MBA from Eastern University which resulted in the opportunity to expand his expertise while working for a human resource company that was supporting a contract with the United States Department of Defense.


Calvin developed his skills at leveraging the power of interchanging business and psychology principles while working with organizations, families and or individuals.  Today, Calvin is a Human Resource professional and a Coach who has a thriving practice that supports individuals in living from a place of authenticity.


  • B.S. in Marketing Drexel University

  • M.Ed in Counseling Psychology Temple University

  • MBA in Business Administration Eastern University

  • Mental Health First Aid Certified

  • Green Belt Lean Six Sigma Certificate, University of Washington

  • Human Resource Management Certificate, Villanova University

  • SPHR Certification HRCI

Meet Nicole!

Nicole D. Franklin1.jpg

“I enjoy coaching professionals, especially those who desire to develop their Anti-Racism leadership”.

- Nicole D. Franklin

Nicole D. Franklin
Pro-Equity Anti-Racism Executive and Life Coach

Nicole is a transformative and strategic Pro-Equity and Anti-Racism leader.  As a technologist, she champions the non-binary realities of technology as a human right.  Nicole advocates for integrating technology tools as a critical resource in race and social justice strategic planning as upstream investments, where the needs are greatest.  She leverages and innovates technology to advance Equity and Social Justice to design, define and drive sustainable cross-sectional applications respected on local, regional, and national levels. 

Nicole is a results-focused manager with 20 years of experience, increasing levels of responsibility and leadership in the areas of information technology, strategic planning, program management, project management, performance management, public policy analysis and key stakeholder relationship management. 


She develops workable, pragmatic solutions to problems faced by the unserved and underserved communities.  Nicole utilizes her education and unique experience to enable organizations to advance Pro-Equity and Anti-Racism organizational development.


As an Executive and Life Coach, she enjoys helping other professionals, especially those who desire to develop their Anti-Racism leadership. 



  • M.A, Demography, University of Pennsylvania

  • B.A. Sociology (urban studies) with Distinction, University of Washington 

  • B.S. Applied Computational Math & Science (ACMS), University of Washington

  • B.S. Statistics, Minor in Pure Math, University of Washington

  • Professional Scrum Master,

  • ITIL Foundation, EXIN

  • Virtues Project Facilitator

  • First Aid/CPR/AED Instructor, American Red Cross

Meet ShaConda!

Profile Photo.png
ShaConda Nelson
Mental Preparedness Coach, Facilitator


ShaConda Nelson is a dedicated mental preparedness coach and certified Positive Intelligence® Facilitator committed to helping individuals develop the mindset and skills necessary to thrive in today's challenging world. With a compassionate and empowering approach, ShaConda guides her clients toward building resilience, confidence, and emotional well-being, enabling them to face any situation with strength and adaptability.

Approach: ShaConda's coaching approach is personalized and client-centered. She believes in creating a safe and supportive space where individuals can openly explore their thoughts, emotions, and aspirations. ShaConda combines evidence-based techniques, such as cognitive-behavioral strategies, positive psychology, mindfulness practices, and the Positive Intelligence® program, to help her clients develop a solid mental foundation.


  1. Resilience Building: ShaConda helps individuals cultivate resilience, allowing them to bounce back from setbacks, overcome obstacles, and navigate life's challenges with grace and determination. She provides practical strategies and tools, including the scientifically validated Positive Intelligence® program, to develop a resilient mindset and cope effectively with stress and adversity.

  2. Stress Management: ShaConda supports her clients in managing stress and building emotional resilience. She teaches effective techniques, including mindfulness and Positive Intelligence® practices, to identify and reduce stress triggers, develop healthy coping mechanisms, and create a balanced lifestyle that promotes mental well-being.

  3. Goal Setting and Achievement: ShaConda assists individuals in setting meaningful goals and designing actionable plans to achieve them. She helps her clients clarify their aspirations, break them down into manageable steps, and maintain focus and motivation throughout the journey. By integrating Positive Intelligence® principles, she helps individuals overcome self-sabotaging behaviors and develop a strong mindset for success.

  4. Mindfulness and Self-Care: ShaConda emphasizes the importance of self-care and mindfulness practices in maintaining mental and emotional well-being. She guides her clients in cultivating self-awareness, enhancing self-compassion, and integrating mindfulness techniques into their daily lives. As a Positive Intelligence® Facilitator, she introduces clients to mindfulness exercises that enhance self-awareness and foster inner calmness.

ShaConda Nelson is a compassionate and empowering mental preparedness coach specializing in resilience building, stress management, goal setting, and mindfulness. As a certified Positive Intelligence® Facilitator, she integrates the scientifically validated Positive Intelligence® program into her coaching approach. With personalized one-on-one sessions, ShaConda guides clients to develop resilience, overcome self-sabotaging behaviors, and reach peak performance. She also conducts workshops and group programs to foster collaboration and equip individuals with the skills to thrive in all aspects of life.

Meet Francine!

Francine Cartwright.jpg
Francine P. Cartwright
Professional Coach, Facilitator


Francine P. Cartwright is a professional coach with a diverse background in research, public health, and community service. With over 18 years of experience in gerontology, demography, and clinical studies, she brings valuable insights and expertise to her coaching practice.

As a Project Director at Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine, Francine manages a research panel of 5,688 older New Jersey residents. Her role involves developing questionnaires, overseeing data collection and analysis, and contributing to research publications. This experience has equipped her with strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

Francine's research focuses on community resilience and successful aging. She has presented at scientific meetings and co-authored articles in the field of gerontology. Through her research, she has gained a deep understanding of human behavior, motivation, and personal growth, which she applies to her coaching practice.

In addition to her research background, Francine has a rich history of community service and civil rights advocacy. She has actively participated in the NAACP, serving in various leadership positions and receiving recognition for her contributions. This experience has honed her skills in fostering inclusivity, promoting social justice, and empowering individuals to overcome obstacles.

As a professional coach, Francine leverages her research expertise, community service experience, and coaching practice to help individuals achieve their goals and realize their full potential. She specializes in areas such as personal growth, leadership development, and resilience-building. With her compassionate and supportive approach, she creates a safe space for clients to explore their strengths, clarify their aspirations, and take meaningful action.

Through her coaching practice, Francine guides individuals in overcoming challenges, developing self-awareness, and creating fulfilling lives. She is dedicated to empowering her clients to achieve success, well-being, and purpose in all aspects of their lives.

In summary, Francine P. Cartwright is a professional coach with a background in research, public health, and community service. She brings her expertise in analyzing data, understanding human behavior, and advocating for social justice to her coaching practice. With a focus on personal growth, career transitions, leadership development, and resilience-building, Francine empowers individuals to overcome obstacles and create meaningful lives.

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